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Sasha Jackson


Leigh Scott, Director - "The Witches Of Oz 3D"
"Sasha Jackson is a rare commodity. She is excessively photogenic, possesses a keen sense of comic timing, and displays a true depth of intelligence and focus. Despite those impressive attributes, she is a grounded, nice person who is a pleasure to work with. She takes her work far more seriously than most actors of her age, or any age for that matter."

Ben Paul, Television Producer and Director
"Sasha is a highly distinctive actress and stands out from her peers in many ways, perhaps mostly in the broad range to her repertoire, so rare in an actress of that age.  She takes direction well, interprets her roles with great intelligence and has the refreshing ability to improvise where necessary. I think Sasha is a unique talent with amazing potential."


Pearl Howie, Director - "Everything To Dance For"
"The film was produced with the help of many of the worlds top dancers and dance organisations. As part of her training for the role Sasha worked with internationally renowned ballroom, ballet and belly dancing choreographers who were all impressed by her progress.I have worked with many older, experienced actors, but working with Sasha has been the most enjoyable experience I have had of working with a single actor, and I have no doubt that she will emerge as a true star."

Patrick Eston, CEO - Eston Products, May 2007
"We were in fact looking for that rarest of persons, a face of the future and we firmly believe we have found that precious gem after a long and exhaustive search.I can without hesitation say that you light up the camera and the screen in a manner I have never seen previously. Couple that with your good humour and cheery personality not to mention your stunning looks you are indeed a star in the making."


Kate Lane, Director - "Finding Yourself"
"It was a privilege to work with such a talented individual, not only providing us with her talent but with her humour, energy and sheer determination to bring a role to life. Even at 3am in the bitter cold, wearing only a skirt, small top and high heels, Sasha continued running up and down a street for nothing other than the thrill of pleasing the camera."

Anne Henry, BBC Producer - "Out Of Water"
"Our warmest thanks to Sasha, who was simply a delight to work with from start to finish; extremely professional, brilliant performances at the drop of a hat, and an absolute trooper in that undesirable weather. She was a joy to have on set and we would be thrilled to work with her again."

Nicholas Barfleet, Director - "Not My Fault"
"Thank you so much Sasha for all your hard work on the music video for Ben Lee Tyler. Sasha was not only professional, reliable and a great actor but was fun to work with and had excellent ideas on how to develop her character. Light hearted and a joy to be around. I am looking forward to working with her in the future."


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